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In Guyana the Moongazer is a haunting spirit that can be seen in rural areas and villages at night. It’s a tall and slender figure that stares with obsessive transfixion at the moon above. People often tell their children not wonder out of home at night as they may encounter this spirit. When I was young, my grandmother told me the story of how she saw the Moongazer as a child in Guyana. It was at night. The blue moon shone down over lake she was near. She saw the figure standing tall and staring high. She too began staying at the moon. Transfixed, she began walking towards it, into the deep murky water that surrounded her. Before too much time had passed, she was able to regain focus and wade out of the water. 

Since she passed I think often about this story. I think about her journey, and about what drew her to travel to London. I haven't yet visited Guyana, but as I look out over the water I wonder how I’ll feel when I get there. The installation was created with this in mind. The old boomboxes - like those at grandma's house - were tuned to frequencies across borders and seas. And an old television telling the story itself. 

Installation with video and sound
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