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J.D Rooney is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in London. His practice often stems from the complexities regarding feelings of dislocation, longing, and connection from both his Guyanese and Irish heritage; the double-conscious perspective of black and brown bodies in white spaces; and the hope for physical, economic, and political border crossings. On top of ideas regarding the universality of connection, J.D Rooney also finds lightness in the celebration of cultures - particularly in an upcoming series titled Thank you Auntie, which will include sculptures of ice-cream tubs filled with stew.  



2016 - 2019 Chelsea College of Arts

Exhibitions & Festivals

2019 - Interim: Chelsea College of Arts (UK)

2019 - Degree show: Chelsea College of Arts (UK)

2019 - Regal Oriental Hotel: AVA, Hong Kong (HK)

2019 - AVA/Chelsea Residency: Cook House (UK)

2019 - Departed: LOA Gallery (UK)

2018 - Baby bjork: Chelsea College of Arts (UK)

2018 - The Cauliflower: Various location in London (UK)

2018 - Letting objects speak: Set Bermondsey (UK)

2018 - APT LIVE 2018 (UK)

2017 - Jouska: Copeland Gallery (UK)

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