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The history of gold mining and mineral extraction in Guyana dates back to the 1500s when European explorers searched to claim fortunes in the northern region of South America - collectively known at the time as The Guianas. The golden city of Manoa was believed to have been one such place where riches would be granted. The extraction of these minerals hit a boom in the mid-19th century, which coincided with the emancipation of enslaved people in Guyana; many of whom continued on to work independently as gold prospectors (Pork-Knockers)

I believe that my grandfather, with all his entrepreneurial spirit, took the same approach to his gold dredging - collecting his winnings, and funding his travels to the center of the empire. 

I often think of his journey – where would he have seen his city of Manoa? Would it have been in the South London living room cracking Tamarind shells and sharing the fruit with his family – or would it have been back home, over 4000miles of water, to the place where his journey began?

Tamarind gold
Sculpture with Tamarind shells
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